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7 Wonders of Megève!
2 February 2023

7 Wonders of Megève!

A fairy-tale destination adorned with white mountains, known for its luxury and tastes beyond limits. An iconic meeting point for the high society from all over the world, a setting for movies, and a muse for unforgettable classics.
As mentioned, Megève is the ski resort featured at the beginning of the 1963 film Charade, where Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant share the leading roles. Also, the title of one of the tracks by composer Henry Mancini on the film’s soundtrack.
While you listen to the excellent track by Mancini, let’s dwell around Megève and discover this pioneer ski resort.


  • – Established in the 1920s as a French alternative to St. Moritz by the Rothschilds, it was the first purpose-built resort in the Alps.
  • – By the 1950s, Megève was one of Europe’s most popular ski resorts and attracted many wealthy individuals and celebrities. Nowadays, it is still mainly visited by affluent people.
  • – Megève, originated from the Celtic name “Mageva”, meaning the village in the middle of the waters, is a place favourable to agriculture. Indeed, the first tourists already came to Megève in the nineteenth century. Many pilgrims visit the sanctuary of Calvary alongside the tourists searching for fresh air.
  • – The first ski competition was organised in 1914, and the local farmers had explorer the slopes, almost testing everything in a person.
  • – A woman journalist was going to energize and enlighten the village with her articles and become a great lady of Megeve through her influence. Mathilde Maige-Lefournier, a mountaineer from Chambery, said, “I think Megève was created for skiing and skiing invented for Megève,” in her early texts.
  • – The priory located at the centre of the village, was built in the twelfth century by the Benedictines. And the church was built next to it, whose oldest parts dates back to the thirteenth century and the wooden entrance door from 1692.
  • – Megève is a must-see destination when staying at Armancette. Please do not hesitate to ask our concierge to recommend the best stops in Megève.